Affiliate Marketing

“VIP” stands for Very Important Partner. We from VIP Response want the best for our Partners. We are committed to identifying our clients needs, and always looking for their best business options/solutions. Therefore we work on CPA, CPI, CPL, CPC and CPM campaign model. We developed a platform that targets campaign strategy, helping our Affiliates work efficiently and capitalize to its maximum. Our team is dedicated and always available- with offices in Netherlands, Spain, Canada, and Malaysia we cover all time zones to adjust our clients needs. Let’s not forget about payment- VIP Response guarantees payments. Sounds good? Then sign up!


  • Flexible payouts
  • Offers for all verticals
  • Skilled publisher managers
  • Bonus and targets


  • Global reach with internal traffic
  • Exclusive publishers
  • In-house designers/developers
  • No fees or hidden costs, just performance
List Management

You have your own data? And want to make some money? Make sure you sign up with us.  As a global leader we will help you monetize with our cutting-edge data platform. 

With over a billion worldwide email contacts, phone numbers and postal data, VIP Response is one of the biggest players in List Management. We know our data, so we provide clients with statistics like; gender, age, interest, etc. We maintain high quality, following full service by organizing all data and fitting our clients needs. 

List managers

  • World wide data available: over a billion email addresses
  • Always data with full opt-in
  • Data is cleaned when imported into our system
  • Big amount of live feeds available for UK & US
  • Simple and clear conditions

List owners

  • Work with a network that’s world wide active
  • We can work with multiple types of data: email, phone no’s etc
  • Monthly revenue overview on fixed date
  • More and more new opportunities, for example retargeting
  • Simple and clear conditions
Lead Generation

VIP Response has obtained years of experience in Data Collecting. This has brought us to build a platform that provides quick and easy searches. Our clients can narrow down the data and receive live results, bridging them with high-targeted consumers and data acquisition solutions. We are a premium leader, delivering data from almost every country in the world, and assuring high quality data. Join our network and see what our data has to offer!


  • Wide variety of labels
  • Guaranteed payout
  • Easy set up
  • More than 7 years of experience in lead generation


  • Co-sponsoring, co-registration and exclusive lead generation
  • Global reach
  • Different sources and possibility to optimise on source id
  • More than 7 years of experience in lead generation
  • One stop shop